Letterpress Type Smiley D-Face

by Ed OKeeffe in ,

Letterpress Type Smiley D-Face Another experimental photograph, the above image was taken today in University. As you know, I like to keep my degree and photography separate but I spent the day in a Letterpress workshop designing, laying out and printing my own "magazine". Whilst on my lunch break I took the time to set this movable type up into a smiley face with the D making a big open smile of a mouth and the colon becoming the eyes. Yellow was the chosen colour of ink for the wooden type face because this is the colour of the majority of modern "emoticons" - :D like that for example. This photograph is meant to link the old letterpress / movable type printing of the industrial revolution with the modern symbol of the internet / digital revolution.

The hard part of the above image was the photography. I took the photograph, went home, printed it A4 and it looked blurred. So I went back into the studio with my tripod and played with my settings. In the end it worked out at being captured with an Aperture of f/25 and a shutter speed of half a second, the ISO was at 400 with the lens at a focal length of 85mm, not that many will be interested in such details but it has come to my attention that readers are requesting such information more and more. I do need to look into a way of having camera data on every image...wow, I'll be busy!

The above image was designed to be the front cover of my "magazine" and it was to be called "D-Face", face relating to the typeface and D relating to the symbol and the fact I was defacing the type to make it into a logo, which seems to remind me of the Edwud logo somehow.