Eggleston Church, County Durham

by Ed OKeeffe in ,

Eggleston Church, County Durham There didn't seem much to photograph when I pulled up at Eggleston Hall in County Durham. Then I saw a sign pointing to gardens, and so had an explore. It was much more interesting. On the far side of the gardens was a wall, so I followed the wall to the end and came across a small gate. Through I went, down three steps and looked up to see the above church. It was only very small, I had to bend over to get under the doorways, but this little area made for very interesting photography. According to a sign the church is "Egglestone Church of the Holy Trinity". Research on the internet simply says that the village of Eggleston was once a large mining village. Luckily whilst digging through my achieves to find out what the church was called I came across this photograph of a photograph below. It shows the exact same view from 150 years earlier.

Eggleston Church of the Holy Trinity, 1868