Pikemen at the Big Battle, Nantwich

by Ed OKeeffe in , ,

Pikemen at the Big Battle, Nantwich It's really the expressions on the two mens faces that made me publish this photograph. I feel that the man on the right is really into the re-enactment and acting directly into my camera's lens. The other guy looks a little confused, as if it might be his first time or he isn't quite as into it as the main man. I tried my best to get the aperture right to throw the background characters out of focus, but to keep the two main figures sharp and the background completely blurred was almost impossible. I think that the woman on the right seems to be looking on at the two men in disgust, as if to say "you're not playing those silly war games again" or "that pike is great but when are you going to fix our fence?" Or not, but it is nice to think that maybe there is a story behind the people in this photograph, I realise that we are seeing a re-enactment but I wonder if these people know each other, or what they do for a living? Mysteries we will never know I guess.