Southport Air Show 2007 - Wing Walker

by Ed OKeeffe in , ,

Southport Air Show 2007 - Wing Walker It wasn't going to go, but I forced myself. I always think when I force myself to go and take photos, I take the best ones I have ever taken. And when I don't go (even when I planned to) I'm letting myself down and missing opportunities to capture unrepeatable events. The Southport Air Show is on every September, I know because this was my third year in a row. But saying that, each and every time has been different and unique. Different planes, stunts, running order, displays and more importantly different weather. I have figured out the ideal lens for air show and plane photography is an 100-400mm VR lens. I currently can't afford the £1000 price tag and use my trusted 18-135mm. There is a big difference between how close I can zoom with my lens. The above image wasn't the best of the day, but certainly one of my favourites. I could moan on about the cloudy weather or the unsuitable equipment, but it was really nice to be out on my own, taking photographs of something that really interests me.