Horses at the BIG Battle of Nantwich

by Ed OKeeffe in , ,

Horses at the BIG Battle of Nantwich The third and final photograph I will be publishing from the BIG Battle of Nantwich earlier this week. Although I took dozens more, the above image best illustrates the event. There were less than a dozen horses on the "battle field" at the English Civil War re-enactment, but they were extremely brave considering the noise of gun fire and men with pikes running at them. I found the sword fights between the men on horse back very entertaining to watch, fortunately nobody fell from their horses. A lot of the day's photography ended up concentrating on the movement of the horses as I am entering an up and coming competition entitled "motorless motion" and was looking for more photos to put in. I'm still unsure as to how much motion this image conveys, but I love the powerful look about the three horses as they gallop between the soldiers, the flag and smoke from the guns adds to the whole photograph.