Angel of the North - front view

by Ed OKeeffe in

Angel of the North - front view I arrived safely back home to Manchester last night but tonight I fly out to Spain, so I am very busy packing and sorting things out for such a quick turn around. The photograph above shows my second best image of the Angel of the North, I feel the better photo has a nicer looking sky. This picture however, shows the full wing span of the angel and gives a great sense of scale by including a man, standing by the statues feet. When I was up at Gateshead, nearly two weeks ago now, I didn't know what to expect in terms of angles and places to photograph the angel from, I knew it was big, but didn't know much else. If you are going to see the Angel of the North it is well worth it. Just follow signs from the Gateshead junction of the A1 motorway. It's less than five or ten minutes out of your journey and there are dozens of places to stand and ways to take the statues photograph.