Painting with Light Experiement

by Ed OKeeffe in ,

Painting with Light Experiement by Ed OKeeffe

So I wanted to do something creative with my day. Mondays are never nice being in college from 9am till after 6pm (it''s too like a real days work). It turned out to be a lovely day and I got out of college in the mood for photography. As I walked home slowly it started to get dark. I took a lot of boring photos of trees in the dusk etc. As I got closer to home all the street lights started to come on and I thought I would take a picture of a traffic light. Well I turned off the flash but had the camera on auto mode. Although things turned out blurred an idea about painting with light came back to me from a project I did last year to do with movement in photography. So for the rest of the walk home I pointed the camera at cars and street lamps and took pictures. Due to it being at night the camera set a long exposure time and I move the camera around in effect painting with the light. From the 120-ish images this is my favourite.